design and construction of customized industrial automations:
meccanica 2p

Meccanica 2P is a craft company that thanks to its still human size is able to pay care and attention to every single project. This has allowed the company to be known and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

The respect gained thanks to the quality of the results offered to customers in more than 40 years of activity makes the meccanica 2p brand a stable and concrete reference point for all companies that want to invest strategically.

Meccanica 2P

The company is family owned and operated in the design and manufacture of industrial machines and automations. The know-how and experience gained initially in the field of industrial automations for heavy clay have allowed meccanica 2p to offer customized technological solutions also in other sectors.

nothing is standard, everything is tailor-made

The strength of our company is the “customized” design, with solutions developed ad hoc according to the specific needs of each request.

Using the principles of co-design, meccanica 2p involves the client in a participating design process whose final result will be the most appropriate solution for the client’s needs. The technical department team works with the support of the most modern techniques of assisted design, such as CAD 3d and cam tools, to bring the project to the pre-production phase.


from project to after sale

The entire production process is carried out internally: from the construction of the machines, to the realization of the software and electrical part, from the assembly and testing carried out in the production plant before delivery, to the installation and start-up of the machines at the customer’s site, guaranteeing a complete after-sales service: technical assistance, consulting, maintenance, spare parts.

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