Tradition and innovation meet in the Bosa ceramic workshop

Bosa is a Treviso-based company that is a leader in the field of designer ceramics in Italy and around the world. It creates objects and furnishing components by combining artisanal techniques and hand workmanship with constant research and innovation that give each creation a character of uniqueness and quality.

The company chose Meccanica 2P to bring modernisation and innovation to its workshop by introducing an automatic rotating warehouse.

The vertical warehouse consists of 8 levels that move in a rotating direction on which ceramic objects can be stored.

The operator can automatically select on which level to load and unload by using the board in the control panel.

The warehouse is equipped with doors with limit switches and perimeter guards to guarantee the safety of the operators.

This innovation brings concrete advantages to the company as it optimises the space used: in fact, the levels are arranged on different levels making maximum use of the height space, with the aim of saving valuable square metres of floor space.

In addition to this, greater safety and optimal working conditions are ensured for the operator, who can select the level where picking or loading and bring it to a comfortable and ergonomic position using the automated controls.

Optimising space, improving working conditions for the operator and reducing production lead times: the vertical warehouse always proves to be a winning choice for companies that incorporate it into their production process.