Colombia chooses the made in Italy of Meccanica 2P

The precious collaboration with Essitech, our Colombian partner based in Bogota, continues: Meccanica 2P automation solutions for the brick sector are present in twenty companies in South America.

The Colombian companies that chose Meccanica 2P systems in 2021 were Ladrillera Sugres, Ladritec, La Samaritana and Los Almendros, for whom we developed and built brick loading lines and dryers.

The plants are composed of roller conveyors and motorized chain conveyors that allow the automated formation of groups of bricks of different types, specially configured for loading by roller conveyor in the tunnel dryer.

It has always been our practice to assemble and test the plants in our company before delivering them to customers: in this pandemic period, where travel has been severely limited, this has been a winning choice. The Colombian companies that have relied on us have so far managed to install the machinery independently at their own plant, only with the remote assistance of Meccanica 2P’s professional support.